Is an upgrade to Windows 11 worth it?

After the introduction of Windows 11, the rollout phase is underway as eligible PCs are being sent invitations for automatic upgrade. When it is time for you to make that choice, what will you do? Accept the upgrade offer or stick with Windows 10!

Since the decision to opt for the transition lies with you, it is up to you to assess if the upgrade to Windows 11 is worth it or not. While you take time to decide, you can stay on Windows 10 by clicking the requisite option and considering your options.

Here are a few points to consider if you are wondering whether you should go for the upgrade.

System requirements

Windows 11 is an upgrade to Windows 10, so most apps and devices that are compatible with Windows 10 will run on the new version; however, some may not work also. Therefore, before upgrading, consider your hardware devices and assess if they will hold to the upgrades. Some of the system requirements are also more stringent, the top one being the requirement of a TMP chip.

Before you make up your mind about going ahead with the upgrade, check the Windows 11 system requirements to ensure compatibility with your existing setup.

Initial bugs

An upgrade to Windows 11 is quite significant. There is always a probability of workflow being disrupted due to variations in the hardware and software setup after the upgrade's launch.

Since the new Windows have recently been launched, you can wait for a little for the operating system to mature until the initial bugs have been dealt with. Once these issues are taken care of, you will not need to be concerned about system glitches or technical errors while running the OS.

Features of Windows 11

The new windows offer a better user interface, improved security, and applications. New features have been added which ensure multi-tasking, simplified interfaces, menu, and taskbar with a decluttered file explorer. The new MS store also offers better features and more apps, including android apps. Additionally, if you are a gamer, the new Windows promise a much-improved gaming experience through quicker load timings and improved graphics.

Therefore, before you decide to upgrade, assess your system and its compatibility and the possibility of initial glitches. However, if the new features make the upgrade look like a better option, you may consider the transition to Windows 11.


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